We study the barriers and drivers for market actors' contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals within planetary boundaries, with the aim of achieving Policy Coherence for Development.



  • assistance-990332_1920 SMART: Human rights are fundamental to a sustainable economy

    Change in business practice is urgently needed to achieve sustainability. The deterioration of our biosphere has direct impacts on human welfare and political progress towards the realization of human rights. We must ensure business respect for human rights is a minimum standard in the drive for sustainability, say SMART project leader Beate Sjåfjell and researcher Mark B. Taylor.

  • rsz_autumnleaves_1_of_1 SMART presents reform proposals for sustainable business, finance and products

    The SMART project has published a first report presenting its reform proposals aimed to support the transition to sustainability. All feedback is highly welcome, says SMART project leader Beate Sjåfjell.

Blogging for Sustainability

  • We all lose in the case that Apple won July 17, 2019 8:45 AM

    Repairing things is one of the most sustainable things consumers can do. Using refurbished parts to repair is even better. That is why the case against a small iPhone repair shop in Norway is so important.