What is sustainability?

SMART aims to secure the contribution of business and finance to sustainability. But what do we mean?

Since the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, we have seen a new impetus to the debate, which is great. 

But we shouldn’t stop there.

For us, it is about staying within ‘planetary boundaries’, the environmental limits we must stay within for the planet to be a relatively safe space for humanity, which also shows that it’s about more than climate change.


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And, we want it to be a just space for humanity. The grand challenge of our time is securing the basis for good lives for everybody now and in the future while staying within planetary boundaries.

Fulfilling human rights as a minimum and protecting those most vulnerable.

Within this framework the Sustainable Development Goals can be interpreted and restructured.

We must within environmental limits, secure our societies, and ensure that business and finance works within this framework.

That’s what sustainability is about for SMART, and that’s what SMART is about.

By Beate Sjåfjell
Published Feb. 7, 2020 2:21 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 2:43 PM