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The SMART project has published an introductory report and several detailed reports presenting its reform proposals aimed to support the transition to sustainability.

Read and engage with the SMART reform proposals

Our updated introductory report Supporting the Transition to Sustainability: SMART Reform Proposals outlines the main elements of our reform proposals.

The detailed reform proposals are now available in their final version. The proposals are presented in three main reports: Securing the Future of European Business; Financing the Transition to Sustainability and Towards a Sustainable Circular Economy. In addition, there is a separate report feeding into the latter one: Sustainability Through Public Procurement

We have appreciated very much all the input we have received, which has been most helpful in finalising the proposals. We hope you will engage with the proposals in your own work. Our work in this area continues in new projects, and we welcome all comments. Contact e-mail: b.k.sjafjell@jus.uio.no.

Our proposals explained: the what, why and how 

Professor Beate Sjåfjell, University of Oslo

Business. It is time that we take protecting people and the environment as seriously as protecting financial interests. Learn more.

Professor Jay Cullen, University of York

Finance. We believe that reforming finance, as a key driver of the global economy will be crucial to achieving sustainability. Learn more.

Dr. Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, University of Oslo

Products. It is now that we can and must decide, to make a transition to a circular economy that will contribute to achieve both ecological and human prosperity. Learn more.

Video: The SMART project summed up in 90 seconds.

Video: What is sustainability?

Quick summary

We aim to make it possible and easy for business and finance to create value in a sustainable manner, and for products to be produced and consumed in a way that contributes to securing a safe and just space for humanity within planetary boundaries. As such, our reform proposals concern the EU as a global actor, and the EU as a legislator and policymaker, says SMART project leader Beate Sjåfjell. Read the updated introduction to our reform proposals here.


Thank you for your feedback!

We are very grateful for all the comments and suggestions we received to our reform proposals, as presented both in the introductory report and the draft detailed proposals. We are happy to stay in touch! Sign up to receive the newsletter from the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability, which hosted the SMART Project and continues the SMART Legacy work. 

Sustainability is possible

In February 2020 we presented our reform proposals during our final conference in Brussels. Watch the presentations and discussions, and download the presentations here.