SMART Corporate Sustainability Programme

The Corporate Sustainability Programme is a training programme for executives and others wishing to implement sustainability into their business.

The Corporate Sustainability Programme will consists of a series of workshops for businesses, over the course of one year.  Participants will learn about the emerging regulatory framework for corporate sustainability and our research-based concept of sustainability, defined as securing the social foundation for humanity within planetary boundaries. Applied to business, we define corporate sustainability as an overarching goal of creating sustainable value within planetary boundaries. Participants will learn how to implement this goal into their business, including their business models, strategy, and risk management systems, and how to operationalise this through sustainability due diligence. This will give the basis also for meaningful sustainability reporting.

At subsequent workshops, the participants will have the possibility to discuss their experience with applying this knowledge within their businesses, and receive further input and guidance. The Corporate Sustainability Programme will require some financial commitment.

The SMART Project is concluded but the work continues under the auspices of the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability, which hosted SMART. The industry engagement, including the planning and execution of the Corporate Sustainability Programme, is followed up through the Business Forum.

Apply for membership in the Business Forum to receive more information about the Corporate Sustainability Programme, or contact Beate Sjåfjell if you have any questions.