SMART Investor Forum

The SMART Investor Forum worked to help investors be a part of the sustainability shift. We discussed how to shift investments from fossil-fueled and unsustainable projects and businesses to renewables-based and sustainable ones. We also looked at how investors can use their influence to promote sustainable decision-making in the projects and businesses in which they invest.

The Investor Forum was launched in December 2017, and was an important platform for the industry engagement in SMART.

The SMART Legacy work continues under the auspices of the Oslo Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability, including through its Business and Finance Forums. Membership in the Finance Forum is open to a range of people in finance, from members of corporate boards of financial institutions, to executives and managers on various levels, to fund managers, personnel at rating agencies, and other relevant institutions.  Representatives of financial institutions may sign up both to the Finance Forum and the Business Forum.  Potential members may apply for membership in the Business and Finance Forums here.