SMART Business Forum

The SMART Business Forum contributes to a faster transition to sustainability. We focus on how businesses can shift from linear and unsustainable to circular and sustainable business model.

The Business Forum was launched 22 May 2018 in Oslo. Businesses from a number of sectors in Europe are invited.

We will share our work on an integrated approach to governance and assessment, which we believe to have great potential for businesses that wish to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and present plans for the SMART Pilot Projects and our Sustainable Governance Programme at the launch.

The second Business Forum Meeting was held 13 June 2018 in Oslo, together with the SMART Investor Forum. The preliminary outcomes from the SMART comprehensive analysis of barriers and possibilities, gaps and incoherencies in regulatory frameworks will be presented at this Meeting.

We are developing a Sustainable Governance Model using an analytical framework that integrates the groundbreaking research on planetary boundaries and the social foundation. This is a systematic approach for businesses to commit to creating sustainable value within planetary boundaries, and integrate that commitment throughout the business. The combination of the model and the work-in-progress Sustainability Assessment Tool, gives businesses the possibility of a research-based and stringent assessment of the business’ sustainability impacts. Both the model and the tool are based on a life-cycle approach. The Sustainable Governance Model and the Sustainability Assessment Tool provide businesses with a basis for continuous improvement processes and better internal and external communication about their sustainability impact.

Members of our Business Forum receive the opportunity to further engage with our sustainability research by becoming a member of our SMART Pilot Projects or the SMART Sustainable Governance Programme. 

Membership in the SMART Business Forum is open to a range of people in business, from members of corporate boards, to executives and managers on various levels, and other personnel in businesses working on relevant areas. Representatives of financial institutions may sign up both to the SMART Business Forum and the SMART Investor Forum.


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