Sustainable Business Models: Designing the future for business in society

This conference concerns the ‘Sustainable Business Models’ aspect of SMART and is organised in partnership with University Jaume I and ICADE-Comillas Ponticial University.

Global economic development has brought immense benefits and opportunities for business and society. For the first time we can envisage a world without absolute poverty, a fundamental goal of development polices in the EU and globally, as reflected in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The prospect of social and economic progress collides with the threat of unprecedented social-ecological consequences resulting from economic activity transgressing the planetary boundaries. Understanding and addressing these global changes is a pervasive scientific challenge and an intrinsic dimension of an integrated and comprehensive approach to rethinking business for a sustainable economy.

We are calling for papers that examine the relevance of rethinking the current Business Models in a holistic, global and also jurisdictional-specific and sector-specific approach. The proposals could be addressed to identify good, competitive and increasingly resilient practices associated to different business profiles and taking into account the latest developments and theories in different managerial and legal areas.

We welcome submissions from different academic disciplines that are conceptual, theoretical or empirical in nature and present new insights and innovative ideas regarding the role of business in the new sustainable context.

We are seeking contributions on specific topics relating to:

1. ‘Inputs’ approaches that can be associated to the main concerns for the definition and

implications of SBMs (what?)

2. ‘Process’ approaches that define SBMs focusing on organizational perspectives (how?)

3. ‘Output’ approaches that analyse the value created by business in terms of sustainability (what for?)

Submit paper

Abstracts for papers can be submitted ON OR BEFORE 30 APRIL 2017.

Practical information

All those invited to present will be informed on or before 15 MAY 2017. A condition of presentation at the conference is the submission of a working paper on or before

1 JUNE 2017, for posting in the University of Oslo Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series (SSRN).

The conference fee will be €125 for PhD Students and €200 for the rest of researchers. We look forward to your response.


Scientific Aspects: Professor Maria Jesus Muñoz-Torres

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