From legal theory to best practice

WP 3 has presented their provisional findings of an extensive research into rules and regulations concerning the use and effects of chemicals in all phases of the life cycle of a pair of jeans together with the findings of best practices in their case study.

Martine Bosman and Tineke Lambooy, Nyenrode Business University, and Elif Oral, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, at the ISDRS Conference 2018.

On Thursday 14 June 2018 SMART Work Package 3 on the life cycle of textiles, presented part of their case study concerning the use of chemicals in the life cycle of a pair of jeans at the International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference Action for a Sustainable World: From Theory to Practice. 

A few days later, on 19 June 2018, they were asked to present the research together with their observations, and first tentative ideas on exerting EU influence to help make the life cycle of ready-made garments more sustainable, to EU representatives.

WP 3's provisional conclusions are that even though there are regulations regarding chemicals, improvements on the use and effect of chemicals can be made. But business cannot do it alone.

If you are interested in the presentation, the slides can be viewed here (pdf).

Published July 5, 2018 3:40 PM - Last modified July 6, 2018 8:32 AM