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To achieve sustainability, we need to change the way business operates. Business must shift to sustainable business models and be encouraged to innovate sustainably. To achieve this, the purpose of business needs to be redefined towards sustainability, to protect the decision-makers in business against the pressure to maximise financial returns.

At this SMART Business Forum, we will present for discussion the SMART reform proposals related to business. The event will be concluded with a light lunch.


08.15 Registration with coffee and tea

08.30 Welcome; the SMART approach to sustainability, Professor Beate Sjåfjell, University of Oslo

08.45 Sustainable value creation within planetary boundaries: redefining the corporate purpose and duties of the board, Professor Beate Sjåfjell

Commentator: Cathrine G. Jansen, Sustainable Partners; Jorulf Brøvig Silde, Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade (NHO Service og Handel)

09.30 Discussion

10.00 Short break

10.15 Taking humanity and the planet seriously: reforming reporting, accounting and auditing, Professor Jukka Mähönen, University of Oslo

Commentator: Monica Mee, Pure Consulting; Andreas Friis, Sustainability Hub

11.00 Discussion

11.30 Short break

11.45 The SMART Sustainability Assessment Tool: An integrated and comprehensive approach, Professor María Jesus Muñoz-Torres

12.15 Lunch and SMART Legacy discussion

The main elements of our reform proposals are outlined in our introductory report. Detailed drafts for discussion are made available to the participants. We welcome your input to our draft proposals, in the discussion at the event and afterwards. Additional feedback may be submitted through this online form or by e-mail to


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