Transforming European Business: Towards EU Policy Coherence for Sustainability

Join us in Brussels to learn how businesses and European policy-makers can work together to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into business and policy practice.

We will discuss the barriers, gap and incoherencies in the regulatory frameworks that keep businesses from making more sustainable decisions, and how policy-makers and businesses can work together on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Policy 1-3 PM

  • Hotspots in global value chains. Insights from in-depth case studies on mobiles and textiles industry
  • Identifying obstacles to sustainable global business. Towards EU policy coherence for sustainable development

Presentations by: Maja van der Velden (University of Oslo), Tineke Lambooy (Nyenrode Business Universiteit) and Beate Sjåfjell (University of Oslo)

Comments by: Zsofia Kerecsen (DG Justice, European Commission)

Break 3-3.30 PM Coffee, tea & fruit

Practice 3.30-5.30 PM

  • Outlining the Financial Risks of Unsustainability. 
  • Innovative Approach to Sustainability in Global Value Chains: The SMART Sustainable Governance Model  and integrated Sustainability Assessment Tool

Presentations by: Beate Sjåfjell, María Jesús Muñoz Torres (Universitat Jaume I de Castellón)

Networking event 5.30-7 PM

  • Light refreshments will be served



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