Transnational Labour Law in an Era of Rising Nationalism: A New Role of Public Institutions for Sustainable Market Practices?

This workshop will investigate the role of public authority and development of transnational practices regarding the regulation of labour standards and market actors. How such practices can promote sustainability will be considered in economic, environmental and social terms and with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, the current challenge and effects of forms of nationalism (as evident from the 2016 Brexit referendum and US elections, among others) will be addressed as a constraint on transnationalism. Scope for innovative national regulatory practices will also be explored.

The workshop will inquire into the potential of transnational labour law to contribute to social and environmental progress and limit social inequality with a view to rendering the global economy more sustainable and thereby tackling the root causes of the recent nationalist upsurge. In this context, also the role of the state as the principal holder of public authority over domestic labour conditions is of pivotal importance. A key emphasis will therefore be on the relationship between transnational and domestic regulation, on the one hand, and on the relationship between public and private authority with regard to labour conditions, on the other.  

By doing this, the workshop will also investigate the state of the art, namely the transnational labour regulatory practices that have emerged which have the potential to promote sustainability. The scope for their improvement will be examined, alongside their limitations. It is, after all, very probable that the limitations of these practices have affected popular perception of their desirability in the current frame of ‘nationalism’.


Available here (pdf).


The available seats are limited, so registration is required. Please register by sending an e-mail to Franz Christian Ebert at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law.


This event is co-organized. Questions regarding the workshop can be directed to the below contact persons.


Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law: LL.M., Research Fellow Franz Christian Ebert

University of Bristol: Professor Tonia Novitz

SMART: Professor Beate Sjåfjell








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