International Conference on Law, Governance and Globalization

Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Law, in collaboration with Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART), hosts an international conference on Law, Governance and Globalization. SMART scholars Tineke Lambooy and Beate Sjåfjell are amongst the keynote speakers, and stream 3 of the conference will be organized by SMART.

Sara Marlowe CC BY 2.0

Globalization attracts dramatic change in how the world interacts. In this interaction, fast mobility is undeniable, conflicting interests come to a head and competition is hard in many aspects. Globalization opens up for a discussion concerning changes in the law, and of adaption and of consequences as a new institutional order arises. While a new institutional order may take many forms, also in the context of law, globalization connects all this. There are benefits and drawbacks to these rapid changes, and this gives rise to new discourses concerning investment, democracy, international relations, corruption, terrorism and social justice.

The ICLGG annual conference focuses on important legal development in society. The theme for the international conference this year is ‘Law, Governance and Globalization’.

Within this broad conference theme, there are six sessions focusing on the following sub-themes:

  1. Business, Governance, Corruption and Social Justice
  2. Peace, Justice and International Organization
  3. Investment, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  4. Democracy and Terrorism
  5. Law, International Cooperation and Poverty Alleviation
  6. Regionalism and Comparative Law in Asia

Practical information and programme

More information on registration and participant fees can be found on the Conference website. The program for the SMART session of the conference is available here.


Published June 28, 2017 1:09 PM - Last modified Oct. 16, 2018 10:53 AM