Workshop: Sustainable Market Actors in the Nordic Countries

The University of Oslo hosts a workshop on the mapping and analysis of the regulatory complexity of market actors in the Nordic countries. The event is combined with the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability’s PhD Seminar Companies and Markets 2017.

Call for papers.

Workshop background

The SMART Project intends to deliver insights beyond current research into policy coherence for development by investigating the drivers and barriers for sustainable business and finance, trade and investment, through integrated research into the market actors across the whole value chain. An essential element in this work is a comprehensive, evidence-based mapping and analysis of the regulatory complexity of the market actors, to identify best practices that should be reinforced, barriers that should be removed, and gaps and incoherencies that need to be dealt with. This work is divided into three layers: the international level, the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) level, and the level of selected EU and EEA Member States. These levels are obviously not distinctly separate areas with clear boundaries, and we expect strong interaction between them.

The Nordic region is mapped and analysed as a whole with selected examples from the five Nordic countries. In addition to the Nordic level, the jurisdiction-specific mapping and analysis concentrates on Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK.

The selection of issues for the jurisdiction-specific mapping and analysis aims to identify relevant examples in light of the mapping and analysis on international level and on the European level.


The programme and more information about the event is available on the webpage of the research group Companies, Markets and Sustainability.


Please register by 25 September 2017. There is no registration fee, and refreshments and lunches are available for all participants.



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