Workshop and PCD roundtable

This event is by invitation only. Please don't hesitate to contact the organisers should you have any questions.

Photo: © UiO/Francesco Saggio

09:00 Debrief after the conference (what are the main insights, and what are the most important remaining research questions)
10:30 Short break
10:45 Publication and dissemination of conference results
12:00 Lunch

PCD Roundtable

Discussion of the main takeaways from the conference in a Policy Coherence for Development perspective, to tentatively identify positive developments that should be promoted as well as policy incoherencies and possible remedies, and further issues to be investigated.

Participants: selected SMART scholars, representatives from the European Commission, DG Devco, as well as SMART’s Project officer.  Chatham House Rule.

15:00 End of day
17:00 Social event (tbc)


Beate Sjåfjell

Linda Gulli

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