Open Access Publications


Linn Anker-Sørensen (2016): Financial Engineering as an Alternative Veil for the Corporate Group

Elena Escrig-Olmedo, Juana María Rivera-Lirio, María Jesús Munoz-Torres, María Ángeles Fernández-Izquierdo (2017): "Integrating Multiple ESG Investors' Preferences into Sustainable Investment: A Fuzzy Multicriteria Methodological Approach", Journal of Cleaner Production, volume 162, 20 September 2017, pp. 1334-1345 (open access until 24 September 2017).

Jukka Mähönen (2016): The Pervasive Issue of Liability in Corporate Groups

Beate Sjåfjell (2016): The Courts as Environmental Champions: The Norwegian Hempel Cases 

Vibe Ulfbeck and Andreas Bloch Ehlers (2016): Tort Law, Corporate Groups and Supply Chain Liability for Workers' Injuries: The Concept of Vicarious


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