Doing Time: Aligning Business with Sustainability Timescales

The University of Oslo is hosting a global symposium which will bring together business practitioners, policy-makers, academics, research students and other stakeholders to investigate the temporal dimension of sustainability in the business sector - such as the future, the past, timing and the pace of time - in order to understand the obstacles to and opportunity for more environmentally responsible business, and to recommend law reform.

Call for papers.

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This interdisciplinary symposium will feature a range of presentations and debate over one-and-half days that explore how the business sector and the economy more generally can be aligned with the temporalities of sustainability. In particular, the symposium will consider:

  • The nature of time and time in nature, as parameters of sustainability timescales.
  • The environmental impacts and costs associated with short-termism.
  • The cultural, organizational, legal and psychological impediments to long-term and patient economic activity.
  • The relevance of past environmental damage and business practice to sustainability.
  • Existing best practices in the business sector and lessons to learn.
  • Government legal and policy mechanisms, in the domestic, EU and international spheres, to foster behavioural change.

Symposium participants are encouraged to read the book Time and Environmental Law (Cambridge University Press, 2017), in order to familiarise themselves with the foregoing themes, which author Professor Benjamin J Richardson will discuss in opening the symposium.


Format and registration

The symposium will be structured around several plenary speakers with complementary panel sessions. The symposium will conclude with a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion.

The event will be held in the premises of the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, located in central Oslo. All participants must register in advance.


Contacting the Symposium Organisers

For any enquiries about this event, please contact the organisers:


Professor Beate Sjåfjell, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo;



Professor Benjamin J. Richardson, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania;





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